How it works


International Coach Federation (ICF) - the leading global coaching organization and professional organization for coaches - defines coaching as, "Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Bader (2009) stated that the differences between coaching and therapy are greatly overstated.  While coaches apparently work with the future, and therapists the past, he believes both approaches aim to help people in their efforts to grow, master their problems, and become more effective in their lives. 

My training in clinical psychology leads me to agree with Bader. Coaching should not be a substitute for issues that warrant true counseling or psychotherapy. But in your work with Intentional Activities, you will find that while I similarly use the past as a point of reference, I will work to identify your current strengths/supports and use them as a point of departure in capitalizing on the other 40%. We will work collaboratively to answer the question: "What actions are you taking to reach your goals?"


Coaching is definitely for you if you are ready to make changes in your life, 'find your answers', and prepare to take action needed to begin living authentically, based on your core values, purpose, goals, and dreams.   

Although you may initially seek to focus on a specific issue, coaching ultimately addresses your entire life.  A few examples of the 'life stuff' that we are able to work on are: 

  • Making a particularly stressful life transition more manageable

  • Implementation of an action plan to achieve your goals

  • Identifying core strengths, values, and goals

  • Getting motivated to get out of a rut

  • Organization and Decluttering

  • Family-related issues/stressors

  • Work-related issues/stressors

  • Relationship issues/stressors

  • Work/Life balance

  • Boundary-setting

  • And much more...


I tailor my approach to your individual needs and goals. The coaching agenda really comes from you.  Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and further assessment. Our sessions will emphasize action, accountability, and follow-through. Your growth and development will be based on individually-initiated change.  

Because rapport-building and sense of a 'good fit' between us are necessary, and embarking upon this journey is not always an easy task, you also have the option of choosing an 'Introductory' session. The 'Introductory' session allows us a 1 hour and 30 minute session.  During the first session, we will briefly review your personal information and goals which led you to seek coaching and you will be given a customized action plan at the conclusion of our initial session.  After choosing the session option or package that you would like to continue with, we will begin to assess progress toward your goals, by review of your action plan completion. Choosing this introductory session will allow you to be absolutely sure that coaching is for you, before making a more long-term commitment.

Initially, progress is optimal when sessions are held weekly. This frequency allows for proper tracking and support of your plans.  Frequency will decrease as you begin to realize your goals! For more detailed information about the different types of sessions, the menu of services can be found here.

It is essential to our coaching relationship that you be open and share honestly.  Our conversations are entirely confidential, unless a release of information is otherwise authorized or requested by you, or required by law.


At the core of coaching is an intentional process. This does not happen overnight. Some clients make coaching an on-going part of their lives. Others seek coaching for a specific time-limited situation. Ultimately, my job is to equip you with the tools necessary to effectively negotiate the 'life stuff' that you present.  

The benefits of coaching build over time.  In order to make this experience as valuable as possible, I  recommend a minimum coaching period of one month (with once weekly sessions) for all of my clients.  I recommend three to six months to establish longer-term support as you make major transitions and changes in your personal and professional life. Your coaching timeslot is a "reservation" on my calendar, a committed time period that I dedicate to you and your goals. 



Your coaching timeslot is a "reservation" on my calendar, a committed time period that I dedicate to you and your goals.  Please review the coaching session options, schedule and pay for your reservation on the home page!


Introductory 1 and 1/2 hour session $525.

1 hour session $350.

30 minute session $175.

15 minute laser session $87.


individual and group subscriptions



The goal of Intentional Activities is to ensure that the client has a happy and satisfying relationship with us, however; there may arise situations in which a refund may need to be discussed. Intentional Activities will attempt to remedy the client’s dissatisfaction with its service before a refund is issued by offering the client options that will leave him/her satisfied about the service that he/she has received such as additional coaching sessions, face to face sessions, and/or mediation with an independent third party. In the event that a satisfactory compromise cannot be reached between the parties, Intentional Activities will issue a prompt refund for the services that are in dispute. No refund will be given for future services or for an issue that has previously been deemed resolved. In the unlikely event that an agreement cannot be reached in regards to the amount of the refund, a third party mediation will occur to determine the fair market value of the services provided.


Intentional Activities values our clients’ privacy and will endeavor to safeguard and keep confidential client information. All client files will be saved and filed in a secure location in order to prevent any data breach that may have an impact on the client. Intentional Activities’ goal is to provide our clients with excellent service and this includes not selling your personal information to any third party or allowing anyone other than official employees of Intentional Activities access to your personal information. Nevertheless, Intentional Activities may disclose your personal information, if based upon our good faith belief; such disclosure is required of us by law, governmental request, or court order. In the event that a situation requires us to disclose your personal information, Intentional Activities will notify the client by certified mail with a signature requirement. This notification will occur prior to Intentional Activities disclosing the client’s personal information if such notification is feasible prior to disclosure and allowable by law.




An agreement exists between Intentional Activities and the Client whereby Intentional Activities agrees to provide life-coaching services to the Client tailored to his/her individual needs and goals. The crux of the psychoeducational services offered by Intentional Activities centers upon assisting the Client in navigating difficult life circumstances and/or transitions. Life coaching is not a substitute for issues that necessitate professional counseling and/or psychotherapy and psychiatry.

The life coaching relationship between Intentional Activities and the Client will be one of mutual trust, respect, and understanding that each Client has specific needs and goals which he/she requires assistance in achieving. Intentional Activities and the Client will engage in a process of assessment, goal setting, action steps, and further assessment in order to aid Clients to achieve their goals. There is no set time frame for this process. Individual  or group coaching sessions will take place via telephone. Individual coaching sessions are optimal when initially held once a week, allowing Intentional Activities to properly track and support the Client’s goals. As coaching continues, the frequency of sessions may decrease or increase depending on the individual needs of the Client.


  • Client understands and agrees that life coaching is not therapy, nor is it meant to substitute for therapy or prevent, cure, or treat any mental illness and/or disease for which the client needs therapy or psychiatric/medical treatment. In the event that the client appears to need professional services beyond the scope of coaching, he/she will agree to the suggestion of the coach and subsequently seek a local licensed service provider to address the aforementioned.  
  • Client agrees to keep all coaching appointments and to give advance notice in the event that a session must be cancelled.
  • Client agrees to be invested in taking action to achieve his/her goals and negotiate the “life stuff" that he/she presents. Coaching is an active not passive process that requires the Client to engage in serious self-evaluation.
  • Client understands and agrees that Intentional Activities makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, as to their services and that Intentional Activities is not liable for the actions, decisions, and outcomes of the Client. The goal of Intentional Activities is to help the Client to achieve his/her goals, not to give the Client unrealistic expectations as to services offered.


  • Intentional Activities understands and agrees that life coaching is not therapy. If the Client needs therapy, Intentional Activities will recommend that the Client enlist the assistance of a licensed professional therapist. Intentional Activities further understands that life coaching will not treat, cure, or prevent any mental health disorder or disease.
  • Intentional Activities agrees to keep coaching appointments and to give advance notice in the event that a session must be cancelled.
  • Intentional Activities agrees to assist the Client in the leg-work of setting and achieving goals and negotiating the Client’s “life stuff.”
  • Intentional Activities understands and agrees that it makes no warranties, express or implied, or guarantees as to the services provided. Intentional Activities is not liable for the actions, decisions, and outcomes of the Client. Our goal is to aid the Client in working towards achieving their goals, not offering the Client unrealistic expectations of the services offered or results desired.