The holidays have come and gone, and many of us have had the opportunity to hibernate (or HIDE), while doing LIFE! But the spring we so begged for has entered the building, and summer is fast approaching. The change in the seasons often signals increased interpersonal interaction (often family). And even if you love it and look forward to it, this dynamic changes the landscape of what's on our plates...usually making it MORE. 

Perhaps, there may be situations that make you uncomfortable, events that you are not crazy about attending, and triggers that come as a byproduct of the above. Instead of avoiding confrontation, accept the 'authenticity challenge' of the season. 

On a recent Intentional Activities IG post, we started a conversation about this being the time of year for celebrations. We also mentioned how milestone events and celebrations are not the 'place' for relationship repair (reference the post for much more fervor). But in addition to the two tips offered of 1.) Setting boundaries in advance, and 2.) Not feeling it necessary to push those aside who have been consistent supporters in your life, I promised to offer more tips. For those of you who may find yourselves on the receiving end of surprise attempts from family and friends interested in spontaneous acceptance and relationship repair, at milestone events, here are five more for you:

3.) Have an objective 'go-to person' that you can vent to during the event. Give them a head's up.

4.) Take an adult time breathe.

5.) Don't be 'guilted' into doing or saying anything you're not comfortable with. 

6.) Don't allow yourself to be scapegoated.

7.) Be kind. But be firm. Assume the best. Their intentions may actually be pure. 

Decide what you WILL do, and what you WON'T. Understand that setting boundaries may be tough, but be #intentional about braving the situation with a compromise, an alternative, or a firm NO. People honestly do 'get over it', and your freedom is 'priceless'. Cheers to your newfound 'voice'! 

Enjoy your summer celebrations while keeping your power and sanity! 

Barbara Shabazzz