This assignment requires one to list all the elements of a perfect day from beginning to end.  After listing them, each student is challenged to actually 'live' that day to the best of their ability.  This type of day is often referred to as a mental health day - a form of self care.  We are always admonished to 'take care of ourselves so that we will be of some good to others'. Employees often 'call in sick' to work and jokingly refer to their impromptu vacation as a 'mental health day'.  While I am not encouraging lying and jeopardizing ultimate livelihood and well-being, I am suggesting that it is good to be intentional about scheduling a mental health day.

Because each vocation is structured differently, being intentional about it may look different for each of us (number of days, hours, etc.).  But what it DOES mean is that we actually have to PLAN to use whatever time that we can allocate in advance...and then do it.  Ideally, one day per season (winter, spring, summer, and fall) is a great start. So once you have your plan in place:

  1. BE - No matter what other humans may be a part of your day, set aside time at the beginning and end of the day to just BE (no matter how brief). Use part of the beginning to chart out your course for your awesome adventure. Use time at the end to reflect and note your gratitude.

  2. Eliminate ALL stress - Anything that causes you to say 'ugh' should not be a part of your day - act accordingly and set boundaries - maybe tomorrow, but not today. Even if you have to create a mantra as a that.

  3. Splurge - For some this may be a flight to another coast, for others a trip around the corner to Starbucks. Whatever splurging means to you, treat yourself to something that you would not usually have the luxury of enjoying on a 'not so perfect day'.

Enjoy your perfect day! Relax. Recharge. Release. Work hard. Repeat! 

Barbara Shabazzz